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Stars Of The New Millennium


I would like to dedicate this site to three groups of individuals, without these people the squads would not be able to compete. First of all the Athletes themselves. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence makes them a very distinguished group of young people and I am honored to be associated with them. Next the coaches. Thanks to them the squads are well prepared and coached in sportsmanship as well as the techniques needed to excel in a very competitive sport. Finally in all of this the Parents. Their never ending and tireless effort in preparing the athletes for competition, helping in fundraising activities, spending their entire Saturday or evenings at the gym, and sometimes just playing taxi, helps make the program a real success. The parents are critical to the sucess of the squad and the progran. Without their tireless effort the success of the program would not be possible.


A special Thanks goes to the gym where these young Athletes prepare. The Squads trained at Fundamental Cheerleading &Gymnastics, 200 Tintern Road Chesapeake Va. They can be reached via the phone at (757)-549-8181. with out the support of ownership and staff at Fundamental Cheerleading & Gymnastics the success of these squads would not be possible. We are just getting started here at American Cheer Elite so come back and visit often.


I would also like to take this opportunity to make a special dedication. To my daughter, Amy Simeone. She is a member of the American Cheer Elite Sr. Co-Ed All Stars. She has been the brighest star in my life for a long time. A parent could not ask for a better daughter and she has made me very happy.